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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Disappontment

Well, I was supposed to be teaching a needlework bookmark class today to a youth art camp but it was cancelled due to lack of participants. They are going to try to hold the camp later in the spring so hopefully I will get the chance to teach and share. In the mean time I have started on a couple of projects for myself. The first is a luggage tag for my trip to the Stitching Jubilee in October. I'm using a quilt pattern since we will be in Amish country - Lancaster, PA. I am working on 18 ct. vinyel weave.

I am also working on a vest on 32 ct. linen. I am using a varity of different patterns that I feel represent me as a person and a stitcher. The 1st piece is Teresea Wentzler's "Tempest", a little dragon in a tea cup. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy.

Of course as the work progresses, I will post new pictures.


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  1. Great start on your blog! I love "Faxination", it's so my cat, Moses. He sleeps on my fax mach. as it is right here by my desk. (he prefers the keyboard but that presents issues with me)